Thursday, January 24, 2013



new drops from WIP

The Headhunter series is Wip's first collaboration with graphic and hiphop artist Gap of People's Future. Almost 2 years in the making, the Headhunter series was inspired by filipino tribesmen of the mountainous province of Benguet. Historically, in times of warfare, rivals were hunted down and their heads were displayed along tribal borders to warn against trespassers
The dome of the cap is black, and the main feature is a handwoven native fabric which was crafted by descendants of the kalinga tribesmen from the mountain province. This series drops with five color ways: white and blue, hot pink yellow and purple, maroon, yellow blue and black, an aqua and black colorway, and the classic maroon black and yellow.

The front panels of the 6-panel Snap Back cap has a graphic logo of a tribesman chief in monochrome 3D embroidery. The details of the logo are very intricate, showing different textures of fabric and feathers. The side logo depicts three shrunken skull heads. The side logo is a play on the three ghosts of Wipcap's iconic PAC-Q series, now part of official Team Pacquiao gear. The three skulls also represent the three members of the Manila based Hip-Hop group, People's Future.
The new series of Headhunter caps comes in five limited runs of 125 pieces each color.
Untitled Untitled
This new series will be available starting January 25, 2013 at select Wipcaps stockists.

props to the photographer who did these dope shots

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